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Posted on : November 25th, by


  vivaart logo centrum
vivaart logo centrum


Life sprang out of nothing – the dark empty space – and that life seems to be stretching into eternity in every direction.

Tiny elements started carving the empty space into recognisable geometrical forms but in a very intricate and in not too obvious manner.

Vishnu Vandana, Artist and Architect
Viva Art

Mysticism lurks…
In every moment
At every space
No end
Nor beginning

One continuous continuum
That sprang out of

That vast space
– dark and empty
in every direction
– Into eternity

Two elements
Of matter and energy
Innumerable forms…

Art reflecting life
Stripping the subject
Till only movement remains
In the brush strokes
And in between too
One continuous continuum…

But our art like life
has a beginning
In the roots of the artiste
Our roots
In the village
Where walls are rendered
In colours
White and red….

vivaart logo centrum
vivaart logo centrum