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Posted on : March 25th, by

Paigah Tombs, Hyderabad.

Paigah Tombs, Hyderabad Paigah Tombs, Hyderabad


Sitting between 2 pillars gazing at a profile of geometric patterns on the roof while my sister, Vandana, sketches the scene and my mum and I share the essence of the place ….

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Posted on : May 27th, by
Queen's well entrance
Queen’s well entrance

A damp drizzling bank holiday Monday. I feel like reminiscing. Only this morning I had an email from an acquaintance that is developing into a friendship. He is much older than me but I am pleasantly surprised about how similar our thoughts are. The email sent me into a reflective mood as well as in a mood for writing…
I had been meaning to write about water & water wells for some time. My last blog had been about Modhera. But on that road from Ahmedabad instead of turning left if you turn right you reach a unique water well built in 1000 AD called the Queen’s well “Rani ki Vav” – Rani in Gujarati means Queen and Vav is well and ki is the preposition which says “belongs to”. We visited it in 2013 and in 2014 and it is one of two places in India added to the UNSESCO list of World Heritage buildings! It is a great place, a kind of inverted temple built into the ground. A magnificent piece of architecture. It is two years since I have been there now and I often think of it.
But allow me a small detour. I have this painting at my home which Vandana gifted to me in 2005 – a decade ago.

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Posted on : April 11th, by

Sun Temple – Modhera

A view of the Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat A view of the Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat

I sit at my kitchen table with my laptop in front of me. I have sprawled in front of me books by John Keay (Indian History) and Tadgell (History of Architecture in India) amongst others. A quiet, reflective Sunday morning. For the last few days I have been thinking of this sketch. Vandana made it a couple of years ago. It is a scene from the Sun temple at Modhera in Gujarat. Two days ago it was Vandana’s birthday and I had scanned and sent it to her as a memory of that holiday we had two years ago.

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Posted on : February 21st, by
Venice Venice

Last weekend I was talking to Vandana – about this and that….she was expecting a delegation from Italy with regards to her Architecture work and the conversation steered to our memories of Italy – Rome, Florence, and that Queen of the cities -Venice.

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Posted on : January 14th, by
Paddy Field Paddy Field

Blog by Shrijanand, 18 years old son of Vandana, on what the festival Makara Sankranti (January 15th) means to him as a teen of the next generation.

It’s that time of the year again when kids take to the streets and rooftops, leading their parents in hand, with customary kites waiting to catch the wind tucked under their arms.

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