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About Us

About The Duo- C.V.Vandana and S Chintapatla

Viva art – Viva = life, Vishnu Vandana, Vishnu and Vasu… a myriad persepctives.

At the centre of this brother and sister duo dreaming of capturing all the places that haunt them in their travels around India.

The artist cum architect, C V Vandana, has always had the urge to paint. She likes on site paintings as they bring in her a zest to capture the essence of India. She has a natural ease with different paint medias and architectural perspectives that lend to a strong compositional approach.

Vandana says : I would like to capture stillness. I would like to present an absolute quietness. A quietness amidst the noise the sea of humanity makes. I would have liked to present the quietness that can be found and is easily found in the thick of this world where there is constant movement accompanied by the countless sounds of a wide range of wavelengths.
I also realized that I want to capture and present to the humanity the beauty of the world which beauty we are unable to perceive since our heart is not endowed with that faculty to peel off the layers that shroud under their wraps the beautiful world that lies all around wherever we go.

The Writer, Srinivas Chintapatla, has always pursued history and art as his passion alongside being a bowel cancer and keyhole surgeon. He likes technology, art and history and this website is an “Aiyana” a reflection of the beautiful buildings and paintings in his life.